100,000 monthly stories – 100% automated

Artificial Intelligence for content creation

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Comprehensive stories at the speed of light

Election Coverage

Real-time analysis for each constituency, in multiple languages

Economy Coverage

Reports on more than 10,000 metrics – as soon as they come out

Utility Stories

Day-to-day utility stories for users – including pollution and food prices


Election stories for General and Assembly Elections

Our AI created live reports for every constituency, while also creating city-cluster and overall state reports

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Stories about the Indian economy

We create more than a thousand stories about the economy every month – from unemployment numbers to commodity prices to industrial output.

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Pollution Reports

We create live reports about pollution levels every 6 hours for every single city with a pollution monitoring station

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And many, many more

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Our Blog

Automating the news – implications for journalists

A post on the how journalists can continue to thrive in an age of news automation.


Where is growth in India coming from?

Using automation to acquire publicly available data, and make inferences about India's growth.


Leveraging automation for data visualization

Best practices for integrating automation in newsrooms in India and Asia.